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Devoting our soul to
every drop of umami in
Devoting our soul to
every drop of umami in
Devoting our soul to
every drop of umami in

Strength of Yamami Jyozo

Yamami Jyozo was established in 1957 in Handa City, a place famous for brewed products, located on the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture. The company maintains the method of making rare “tamari” soy sauce from the olden days inheriting Japan’s traditional culture. The company also develops new technologies to broaden possibilities and engages in OEM for original seasonings.

Handa of Chita Peninsula filled
with the aroma of brewing culture.

Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, blessed with mild weather and high-quality water, is an area thriving with the brewing industry, including the production of sake, vinegar, soy sauce, and miso. Handa City has been producing these products since the Edo Period. They were brought to Edo and Osaka, enriching the food culture of Japan. Handa Canal and the town lined with black walls are reminiscent of the past.

Rare soy sauce, “tamari.”

Produced on the Chita Peninsula, tamari Produced on the Chita Peninsula, tamari is made using a method handed down from the days of old. It takes labor and time, making it rare soy sauce in Japan because of its limited production. Soybeans are used as the main ingredient, and they are fermented and matured over a long time to bring out the flavor, nutrients, and a drop of umami. It is a gluten-free health food free of wheat, and it is a popular fermented food that activates immune cells.

Sixty-five years in Handa.

Yamami Jyozo was established in 1957. The company was established in Handa City, Aichi Prefecture, based on the wish of the founder “for people to enjoy the flavor of genuine tamari easily.” The company maintains umami and the deep flavor of tamari produced in the modern facility with strict hygiene management using a method from the olden days that refuses to cut corners, thorough management, and employee skills.

Offering “tamari”
that is loved around the world.

Tamari soy sauce is dark with rich umami and a delicious aroma.
With a production volume of just 2% of the total, tamari soy sauce is a rare treat.
Dark soy sauce is made with 50% soybeans and 50% wheat, and Yamami Jyozo’s tamari is made with 80 to 100% soybeans and 0 to 20% wheat.
The larger amount of soybeans heightens umami.

There is also a change in the amount of salt water. For example, approximately 120% salt water is used for dark soy sauce. On the other hand, Yamami Jyozo tamari is matured with less salt water, 50 to 100%, resulting in concentrated umami.

Yamami Jyozo moves forward with the development of new technology for the production of “tamari” to make the soy sauce loved worldwide.
Made with our own filtration technology, “decolored tamari” created new possibilities for dark-colored tamari while maintaining the aroma and umami of tamari soy sauce.

Our desalting technology made it possible for us to produce “low-salt tamari.”


Sense of taste and technique polished with OEM.

Our diverse technology expands beyond decolorization and desalination. We possess the technology required to freely adjust flavor, color, and thickness. These technologies enable us to engage in OEM to create products according to customer preferences and needs. We produce over 1,000 items of original seasonings in small lot and multi-product production. We contribute to the development of brewing culture with a sense of taste and technique polished through research and development.


Rice confectionery maker We use tamari soy sauce in the Kanto region, where dark soy sauce is the mainstream, and customers comment favorably on the pretty color and strong umami.
Side dish section in the supermarket Preparation takes less labor, and the flavor is consistent.
Yakiniku restaurant Able to reduce loss in ingredients.
Ramen shop No longer need to teach staff how to make sauce.
Meat processing factory The container is easy to handle, and work efficiency improved.

Q & A

What is the difference between dark soy sauce and tamari soy sauce?
The main ingredients for dark soy sauce are equal amounts of soybeans and wheat.
The main ingredient for tamari soy sauce is soybeans
(a small amount of wheat may be used.)
The protein contained in soybeans becomes the base for umami. Tamari soy sauce
has a larger ratio of soybeans and is characterized as having more umami.
Can private businesses submit orders?
Yes, they can
How do I order?
Please inquire by e-mail or telephone. Our staff in charge of your area will contact you.
What kind of products can you make?
We can respond to wide-ranging requests for seasonings for rice confectionery,
seasonings used at restaurants, and processed seasonings for retail sale.
What is the minimum lot?
We start at 250 kg
How long does it take to deliver?
We deliver samples about one to two weeks after your meeting with our sales staff.
After commercialization is decided, we can deliver in three to four weeks.
*Products using printing material will require an additional one to two months.
How much does it cost to make samples?
Basically, we do not charge for making samples.
if expensive ingredients are used or the sample
requires a high volume, we may discuss cost sharing.
Can we select the container?
We have 18-liter square cans, 10 kg BIBs, PET bottles, portion bags, small bags,
stand-up bags, etc., suitable for a range of uses,
volumes, and shapes for you to choose from.
We want to make original sauce.
Can we leave the process up to you?
If you give us information like what kind of flavor, intended use, and target customers
you have in mind, we will create a sample according to your wishes.
Let us know if you have specific recipes or requests for ingredients for smooth operations.

Company information

Company Name Yamami Jyozo Co., Ltd.
Established November 1, 1988
Capital 20 million JPY
Representative Mitsuyuki Takeuchi
Business content Brewing of tamari soy sauce and production of liquid seasonings
Products (varieties of) soy sauce,
liquid seasonings for rice confectionery and grilled meat sauce, etc.
Location 3-106 Minato-machi, Handa City, Aichi Prefecture 475-0823
Tel: (0569) 23-0703
Major clients Rice confectionery makers in Japan,
meat and seafood processing makers
Banking relationship Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Taketoyo Branch, Aichi Bank Handa Branch


Commences sale of tamari and soy sauce at Taketoyo Town, Aichi Prefecture
Commences brewing of tamari and soy sauce at the above location
New construction of tamari soy sauce brewing plant in Handa City, Aichi Prefecture
Commences sale of liquid seasonings for rice confectionery
(cubic rice crackers, rice crackers) in the rice confectionery industry
Commences manufacture of grilled meat sauce and other liquid seasonings
Reorganized as Yamami Jyozo Co., Ltd.
Introduction of tamari desalting (electrodialysis) device
Introduction of fully automated tamari decolorization device
New construction of plant specializing in sauce production (Plant No. 2)
June 2001
Obtains ISO9001 certification
Commences brewing and sale of domestic whole soybean tamari
March 2008
Obtains JAS Plant certification
New construction of tamari brewing plant (Plant No. 3)
New construction of tamari processing plant (Plant No.1)
July 2017
Obtains ISO22000 certification for tamari brewing and processing plant
August 2021
Obtains ISO22000 certification for sauce plant

Let Yamami Jyozo help you with OEM using “tamari” soy sauce.
We accept orders for original seasonings in small lots.

【reception】weekday 9:00〜17:00